bcPodTunes Beta

Media player for your iPod!

Connect your iPod, run bcPodTunes and all of your iPod media will be displayed.
Play your iPod Audio and Video in this fantastic portable media player.

Key features include…

Add audio and video files to your iPod.
Add artwork.
Edit/modify track details.
Convert audio between Music, Podcast and Audiobook.
Get/display/modify track lyrics.
Backup CD’s to your iPod.
Add/Remove playlists.
Play audio and video files.
Enjoy Visual FX while playing music.

bcPodTunes has been designed to be run from your PC or carried around on your iPod (not iTouch, iPhone or iPad).

bcPodTunes is currently in Beta.


Designed to give you an Explorer like feel when working with your Apple iPods. Connect your iPods to your PC and launch bcPodNanny. Your iPods will appear in the application window.

Key features include…

  • Copy and paste playlists and tracks between iPods.
  • Import audio files from your PC to your iPods.
  • Backup your devices to your PC.
  • Select tracks and modify / rename the information like; title, artist, album, description.
  • Search online for missing artwork.
  • Create a new iTunes library containing all the tracks and playlists from the device.


App to copy and convert audio files to different formats.

Key features include…

  • Conversion to HD Audio supported.
  • Copy tracks from folders, iPods and audio CDs to another folder, and apply file conversion to the following formats: WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC (M4A), CAF, AU, PAF, NIST, IRCAM, VOC, PVF, AIF, FLAC.
  • During the copy / conversion process, the artwork will be copied from the source files or an Internet search, and written to the converted files if artwork is supported.
  • Convert entire folders containing audio files recursively.
  • CD backup with tracks information and artwork obtained from the Internet.


bcPhoneNanny is a FREEWARE app which has been designed to give you an Explorer like feel when working with your Apple iOS device (iPhone, iTouch or iPad). Connect your iPhone to your PC and launch bcPhoneNanny. Your iPhone will appear in the application window.

Key features…

  • Copy the selected iPhone, playlists and tracks to a PC folder. This also copies the artwork to the audio files if found.
  • Create a new iTunes library containing all the tracks and playlists from the device.

Meditation Evolution

A series of guided meditations and tools to enhance your spiritual well-being, psychic and mediumship abilities.

Mind, body and spirit improved! Make meditation an easy part of your daily routine and enjoy the benefits it brings to you. These meditations are the most effortless way to train your mind and to become less stressed and more calm.

Key features…

  • Select meditation audio.
  • Select visual FX.
  • Add your own meditation audio files.
  • Purchase a license to unlock a library of audio meditations which are automatically downloaded to your PC.